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aone is the type to scare away lots of people but animals love him so much hes like snow white, they just flock to him


gentle reminder:

aone takanobu just wants someone to sit by him on the train


haha what i don’t have an ennoshita problem (i do. i do have an ennoshita problem. and so do you)



Haikyuu!! spin-off gag manga Let’s! Haikyuu!? by Retsu began serialisation in Shonen Jump+. New chapter every Tuesday.

Quick translation of the comic:

"Transportation System"

(Top left)Hinata: If you are the reigning “king of the court, then!! ―

(Top right) Hinata:-I’ll overthrow you from the title and be the one who stands on the court longest…!!!

(Bottom right) Hinata: Wait a white horse!!

Kageyama: This is my beloved pet horse “Tobiogizer”

Note: ガイザー (gizer) is used to name horses sometimes, especially race horses. Long story short Tobio is a precious dork.


manami the cycling fairy 

in other news my tumblr has died because.. grad school is hard…


kayegama ur gay


Hair Appreciation post

featuring Asahi’s loose bun


Oh Daichi, who would have thought that you’re that shy…

Based on this fic - Look; It’s You and Me by WildKitte

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